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Results of a survey activity on Social Internet of Things (SIoT)

Summary of the results of a survey activity conducted by the SIoT Team (as of May 30th, 2014) and available at For more information on how these data have been used to conduct research studies on the Social internet of Things paradigm, please refer to the paper: H. Zargari Asl , A. Iera, L. Atzori, G. Morabito, "How often social objects meet each other? Analysis of the properties of a social network of IoT devices based on real data" , Proceedings of the IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 Conference, Atlanta, USA, 09 Dec. - 13 Dec. 2013 . The data are made available to the community and anyone can use them to support researches related to IoT, pervasive communications, social objects, etc. We would appreciate it if you could cite this Globecom 2013 paper in your works when using these data.

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