Social Internet of Things


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The SIoT paradigm has driven the design of two platforms: SIoT platform is an open-source project based on ThingSpeak.
Lysis platform is based on the concept of social virtual objects.

Do you want to use our Lysis platform?

The Lysis platform is available at Lysis. You need a google account to use it.

Do you want to use our SIoT platform?

You need to follow two steps: 1. Download and install the client softwares for your social objects 2. Register yourself and your objects...

Do you want to participate in the SIoT platform development?

Download the source code and develop as you like.

Enter the SIoT Forum to share your experience!

You can enter the SIoT forum to share your experiences , receive technical support, and be part of the SIoT developers' community that will build the future social network of...